out-the-box speed

Deliver Faster

Accelerate time-to-market with a proven & flexible foundation built on AWS Serverless tech.

plug n play extensions

Do More with Less

Conquer larger projects with smaller teams; or, partner with us to design & develop your solution.


Operate at Scale

Build on a managed platform that's powerful, scales autonomously, and allows for easy evolution.

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We built your foundation, so you can focus on innovation.

SovTech Core™ makes software development happen faster and with less risk.

The Status Quo

80% of the time and money spent on building software tends to go towards non-unique systems; meanwhile, only 20% is left to focus on core innovation. Well-intentioned teams often reinvent the wheel in the name of flexibility, scalability, and learning new cool skills while companies miss opportunities.

This leads to:
➖ Budget overruns
➖ Delivery delays
➖ Lost opportunities
➖ Bad culture

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The SovTech Core™ Way

SovTech Core™ flips the equation so that product owners can focus 80% of their time on the innovation of their digital experience, rather than foundational work. Deliver faster, with a more compact team and a far smaller budget. SovTech Core™ also ships with a multitude of tools to power your platform's growth. Never worry about capacity constraints as SovTech Core™ expands to handle your load.

Architecture for Agile Organizations

SovTech Core™ is powered by Amazon Web Services

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Managed Data

All SovTech Core™ database and storage instances are fully managed, secure and fault-tolerant.


Auto Scaling

SovTech Core™ takes care of your computing resources in a fast, easy and inexpensive way.


Rest & GraphQL APIs

Secure, self-documented and instantly-provisioned access points for all your backend resources.


Powerful Extensions

Switch on & off key features as your product matures. Our extensions list is growing each day.


World Class Auth

SSL combined with SSO make SovTech Core™ Enterprise ready, with full audit trails on every level.


World Class User Support

Live chat, ticket management and a self-service knowledgebase- we make sure your users know how things work.

Create the applications you need, fast!

SovTech Core™ provides a plug & play platform for building and running web and mobile applications.


Portals and Other Customer Experiences

Increase revenue, satisfaction and retention with personalized omnichannel experiences.


Multi-Tenant SaaS Applications

Build your subscription business fast, with less investment, and to scale from day-1. Growth & user toolset's included.


Marketplaces & Network-Centric Applications

Focus on catalyzing your network effect, not managing a software development project. Uber for X, AirBnB for Y; We've built them before.


Modernization of Legacy Business Systems

SovTech Core™ greatly accelerates the transition from expensive, antiquated, and unsupported applications.

Who Uses SovTech Core™

SovTech Core™ is designed to work in a wide variety of scenarios, whether it's a new VC-backed product or a scaling Enterprise Portal

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