Referral Partner Programme

Refer work to SovTech and earn your share on project acceptance and contract agreement.


Why join our referral programme?


Our Promise

Our in-house team of elite designers, engineers, business strategists and tech specialists have experience across 15+ industries. We’re capable of delivering the best tech solutions for businesses of all types and sizes, from anywhere in the world.


Our Benefits

On acceptance you can simply forward leads to your SovTech account manager or make a formal referral within the SovTech Portal and start earning money on acceptance of the project.


Our Process

As an agency you can make money on completed jobs and as an existing client you can claim back a percentage of your project spend. That’s money earned in a few simple clicks of a button.

Referrals Dashboard

We have integrated our referral system into our SovTech Platform which makes it easier for us to track who's being referred and for ease of referring.

  • Refer via a number of social platforms
  • View your statistics on your dashboard
  • See how your referrals are coming along
  • Travelled down the road and back again.
referrals dashboard

Commission Details

This is the reward that stands before you for a simple referral.


  • Client
  • Non-client

Your Commission

  • 10% Off Next Invoice
  • $1000

Types of Partners

What kind of partner would you be?

  • Technical Partners
  • Consulting Partners
  • Venture Partners

Have Questions?

Help us help you.

01. How can I claim my reward?

Your reward will be allocated manually as we have a process before someone becomes a client. When someone becomes a client that you have referred you will be allocated your reward which you can claim whenever you want by mailing or in the SovTech Platform Referrals section.

02. How many people can I refer?

The more the merrier. We love to work with people who are in our network. Although we don't want hundreds of referrals who have no intention of doing business with SovTech.

03. How do I refer someone?

You can do it in our SovTech Platform under the referrals section or you can simply send a mail to or to

04. How does someone become a client?

We follow a relatively stringent process of dealing with potential customers. We have meetings, provide solutions, blueprints and agreements before we get underway with any software development. This is in the interest of the customer and the client.

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