Join Our Team, Help Build The Future.

Join Our Team, Help Build The Future.

Become part of the team that is changing the way businesses across the world build software.


We invest in people who can see the future & who work hard to achieve it.

SovTech has a young, dynamic and fast growing team. We’re only looking for outstanding people – those unique individuals who are brilliant, are always happy to help, socialise, get involved, work hard, and enjoy what they do! We have a continuous learning culture that allows our people to grow and develop in the opportunities across our various teams.

Featured Jobs

Here are a few jobs we are constantly hiring for across our respective locations.


Javascript Developer In Johannesburg


Javascript Developer In Cape Town

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Software Engineering
biz dev
Business Development
digital space
business development
Project Management
Technical Support

Work Environment

Providing a comfortable work environment is our top priority. Foosball, coffee, Friday braais and your own personal desk.


Our Company Values

The specifications for how we work together to achieve our mission and goals.


We work with people we like. We don’t hire assholes even if they can do the job the best.


Just like your seat, these Spex will change. We think if we are not willing to change then we will die.


We value growth. We don't value effort over achievement.


We believe that tech can solve everything and change the world.


There might be a better solution to a problem. We encourage you to find it.


We are a culture of learning. We don’t value experience over ability to learn.


We are partners to our customers. We don’t expect to exist and realise we only do because of our clients.


We get things done. We don’t value how something is done only that it is.


We are proud to be a world class company in Africa. Very few world class global tech companies from Africa and even less that are proud to be that way.


We don’t value perfection over
moving fast.


We don't apologise for
holding strong opinions and
doing something about them.

A new company emerges to disrupt the software product market

A new company emerges to disrupt the software product market

A new company emerges to disrupt the software product market SovTech, a software development company and start-up incubator based in Johannesburg, has recently stepped into the software as a service industry and is looking to shake things up. Having focused predominantly on custom software development in the past, the company has picked up on several…

  • Oct 2016
  • 3 mins read

SovTech launches every company’s on-demand development department.

The SovTech Dev Shop, an on-demand custom software development provider, today announced the launch of their on-demand software developer network. The Dev Shop offers a simple solution for enterprises and startups to submit their development requirements and have a dedicated team of experts designing & coding within a matter of days. SovTech Dev Shop offers…

  • Sep 2016
  • 2 mins read
SovTech Services Now Offers Off-the-shelf Integration

SovTech Services Now Offers Off-the-shelf Integration

SovTech Services, a premium Digital Services Procurement Platform, has recently rolled out a host of integration packages aimed at the South African market. The packages, aimed at assisting companies in their quest to integrate their legacy systems with more modern cloud services they may utilize, are available online immediately in an easy to understand format…

  • Sep 2016
  • 2 mins read

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