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SovTech’s many years of experience in developing innovative solutions for large enterprises and agile start-ups alike, puts us at the forefront of being global leaders in custom software development. Our Agile development teams are responsive to business and market related changes, by operating with scrum to deliver value on a sprint-on-sprint basis to our clients. These dedicated teams are made up of a wide variety of skill sets to ensure that all bases are covered; from analysis to development to testing, resulting in best in class bespoke software solutions being delivered to our clients.


Who Is PPRO?

PPRO helps consumers pay with the local payment method they trust and know, wherever they are. Their partners are local payment methods and payment service providers alike, that are connected through a single payments platform, a single contract and a single integration. This enables merchants to offer their customers the widest possible range of local payment types and services in markets worldwide. And with PPRO’s broad range of payment-related services, they help all their partners grow their businesses, work efficiently and make their transactions secure.

PPRO's Dilemma

After seeing massive exponential growth over the last three years, many of PPRO’s client resources and services were becoming increasingly decentralised and increasingly difficult to manage. With so many different touchpoints, information and documentation, as well as tools being offered to their client partners, finding a way to keep track of everything in a centralised location, seemed like the obvious solution to solve this and offer more efficient operations and resources management. This is where SovTech stepped in…

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SovTech’s Solution For PPRO

After an extensive analysis and requirements gathering phase, SovTech was able to provide PPRO with a solution to their dilemma. SovTech put forward a solution to build a multi-tenant user portal, which would offer PPRO the ability to manage and distribute information, documentation and services with their client partners. PPRO Discover is now used as PPRO’s core touchpoint for all of their client partners to interact with PPRO. Everything from payment product information to technical documentation to BI services can be found on this portal! With so many different touch points, information and documentation as well as tools being offered to their client partners, finding a way to keep track of everything in a centralized location seemed like the obvious solution to solve for this and offer more efficient operations and resources management. This is where SovTech stepped in…

PPRO Discover’s Key Features

Each client partner can customise the portal to their CI
White-label document functionality
Robust integrations to PPRO’s tech ecosystem and other 3rd party applications

PPRO Discover’s Tech Stack

Built in line with SovTech’s Core Tech Stack, PPRO Discover has been built with:

Project Scope

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After an extensive analysis, requirements gathering and design phase, SovTech completed a blueprint for the portal which covered the designs as well as the technical processes.

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SovTech took the blueprint and developed it into fully functional software, and continues to build and release new features on a per sprint basis.

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SovTech manages all devops, deployments, APIs and integrations for PPRO Discover. Production deployments signify the conclusion of a new feature as it is shipped out and released to users.

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As part of this fully managed service, SovTech conducts regular audits of the platform, performs regular upgrades and ensures the lights stay on for this platform.

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